build tech solutions or offer tech talent?

Get winning client intel.

We provide the insights you need to discover new clients, outsource teams, and win more projects.

Scan your market for opportunities.

Whether you build software, analytical solutions, or augment staff, we provide key insights into companies that could be interested in your services.

Service 1: Who is looking for my team’s skills?

Signals is a candidate-driven client discovery service designed specifically to help you find companies that are looking for your team’s talents. It works by detecting companies that have posted jobs that match the skills profiles of your team.

Service 2: What must I know about my target client?

Radar provides critical technical intel on target companies. use this data to write winning proposals, uncover companies that could need your services, and improve the quality of your project delivery by knowing your client’s context.

Signals Overview.

Radar Overview.


Target companies looking for the talent you offer.

Connect with companies actively seeking the specific skills your team offers.

Increase opportunities by making outreach count.

Enhance your success rate with timely, relevant outreach that speaks directly to client needs.

Identify new service opportunities.

Analyze client tech landscapes with Radar to identify additional areas in which you can expand your project to assist your client.

Write winning proposals.

Utilize Radar’s tech and project insights to craft tailored proposals that are relevant to the client’s tech layout and environment, significantly boosting win rates.

Sounds interesting?

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Free tests

We can run a free Proof of Value test.


Send through an email, set up a call, or connect with me on LinkedIn. I’m excited to answer any questions, or see how I can help!

-Ariel (Founder)

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